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Solar accounts for 48% of new electric capacity in Q1 2013
The U.S. installed 723 megawatts (MW) of solar energy in Q1 2013, which accounted for over 48 percent of all new electric capacity installed in the U.S. last quarter. Overall, these installations represent the best first quarter of any given year for the industry.

Barack Obama puts solar at forefront of ‘assault’ on climate change
President Barack Obama today put solar at the forefront of a national strategy to cut carbon emissions in the United States as part of a "coordinated assault on a changing climate". The US president's two-step climate action plan, launched at Georgetown University in Washington DC, includes regulatory efforts to curb emissions from fossil fuel power stations and to increase the use of clean energy

IEA predicts rapid growth in global PV, CSP capacities
The International Energy Agency (IEA, Paris) has issued a report which predicts that global solar photovoltaic (PV) generation capacity will more than double to 308 GW by 2018, with concentrating power (CSP) tripling to 12 GW. They also forecast an increase in the number of nations with more than 100 MW of installed PV to 65 by 2018. IEA cites falling costs for PV technology, which it says is becoming competitive without subsidies.

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